What Is Western Boho and How To Add It To Your Wardobe

What Is Western Boho and How To Add It To Your Wardobe

In ‘What Are The Different Variations Of The Boho Style’ , I touched upon the Western Boho variation. Today we’re going to take a more in-depth look and see how easy it is to add this style to your own wardrobe.

Western Boho mixes two stunning styles of dress. It brings together the long flowing and dainty aspects of the bohemian style with the rustic and hardened style of the Wild West. 

If you’re a lover of Western Boho but you’re a little unsure where to start, then below I’ve added a list of items that can be easily added to your wardrobe and get you started on your own fashion journey.

Cowboy Boots

In my personal opinion, you can never have enough cowboy boots and they work great in both winter and summer. For a summer look, pair with a paisley wrap dress and for the more colder months, wear with bootcut jeans.

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are another must but wide-brim hats work just as well and can be paired with any outfit.


Jeans are another vital item but for a true Western Bohemian look, they need to be either flared or bootcut. Skinny jeans do not feature much in this style. 

Tops and T-Shirts

Vintage t-shirts make a great addition (we have a few here you can view), especially paired with lots of accessories. Loose fitting tops, and lace bardot tops also work well.

Suede Waistcoat

A suede waistcoat will really add a rustic feel to your outfit but remember to pair it with a long flowing dress or a lace top to add a some femininity to your style. A fringe suede waistcoat would also work really well.

Fringe Bags

You can never go wrong by adding a fringe bag to your fit.

Jewellery and Accessories

When it comes to jewellery and accessories go BOLD and don’t be afraid to layer your necklaces and bracelets. You can find some great statement pieces and don’t forget to raid your nearest vintage store as they have some fantastic hidden gems. Silver and turquoise add the rustics element to this style but remember you can also include leather and beaded accessories. 

Belts also deserves to be included. Opt for leather (or fake leather) with a big ole’ buckle!

Kinonos and Ponchos

I believe kimonos are also worth mentioning in this style as they add an extra feminine touch. Opt for rustic or neutral colours. 


There are a huge range of dresses that work well for this style, just as long as you remember to accessorize and dress them in the correct way. Long flowing dresses and wrap dresses work well. Remember to chose natural fabrics, lace is a personal favourite.

This style of dress is all about creativity and freedom so get those creative juices flowing and go WILD.

Until next time.

Much Love



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