Where We Began and Where We Are Going

Where We Began and Where We Are Going

Little Me To Big Me
I have always loved the country/western style of dress and all it represents. There is something exciting and comforting about the thought of dusty, sandy dirt crunching under sturdy boots, the freedom of living beside your horse and the empowering strength a cowgirl imbues. 

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Obviously I am not a cowgirl and I do not own a horse. But growing up, I remember my house being filled with the sounds of country music and old John Wayne movies. I remember pretending to be a cowgirl while pretending to ride a wild and fierce horse.

I have always loved Western and Bohemian styles and all they stand for but it wasn't until this past year that I’ve really started to find my own style in the Western Boho culture. After spending the past three years living in workout clothes (which I still revert back to when I’m running after little legs). I’ve found a style that I love and that I want to share. 

Where It All Started
I have always loved working for myself but could never settle on what it is I wanted to do. I've sang in bands, worked as a singing teacher and even sold beauty products but when I discovered my love for Western Boho clothing, it just clicked and I realised I wanted to share this style with others. At the same time, I was discovering that there was and still is, a huge gap between male and female business owners and it was at this point that I decided not only did I want to own a Western Boho Clothing Boutique but I also wanted to help other female entrepreneurs on there own journey. 

Our Mission
It is our mission to help other female business owners to grow alongside building a sustainable business for me and my family. We achieve this by sourcing the majority of our stock from other female-owned businesses. Therefore if an item has not been designed, handmade or printed by us, then nine times out of ten it was sourced from another female-owned business. That way, you are not only helping me to grow my own business but others businesses around the world too. Look out for these badges next to our products.

Alongside this, we want to bring a little Western Boho culture to the UK. So if you looking for unique pieces that you may not be able to find in the high streets, then you've come to the right place. 

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Much Love


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