What Is The History Of Boho?

What Is The History Of Boho?

The Bohemian style, or often known as Boho, is a fashion style that is characterised by its unconventional way of dress and it's free spirited essence but where did it come from?

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How It Began
With a history that reaches over 200 years, the exact origin of the Bohemian creative is hard to pinpoint. Many believe this culture began following the French Revolution. While others believe the Bohemian style was influenced by the nordic lifestyle of the Romani people. 

Either way, Bohemian became a term to describe an individual who often lived an unconventional lifestyle that embraced music, art, spirituality and literacy. These people often wandered and were never tied to one place. 

How Boho Progressed
It was during the 1960's and 70's that the Boho style really captivated into the fashion world. For this we can thank the hippie revolution. These free-spirited individuals really set the trend of what we see today with their bright colours and free flowing fabrics. 

Nowadays, there are many variations and countercultures linked to past Bohemian fashion, including; Hippie Boho, Boho Chic and our ultimate favourite Western Boho. What's your favourite variation on the bohemian style?

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