What Is Boho Fashion and How To Wear It.

What Is Boho Fashion and How To Wear It.

Did you know that the first bohemian looks can be traced back to the French Revolution? I know, you’re probably thinking ‘Fascinating! But what is it??’ Read on to delve into the unique style of boho and how you can incorporate it into your own wardrobe.

What Is The Boho Style?

 Bohemian styles ooze creativity, freedom and originality. It is an extremely popular style, not only in fashion but in the way we style our homes too. It  often poo poos mainstream trends and instead, draws a huge amount of inspiration from various cultures and eras. 

 There are many bohemian variations, including boho-chic, hippie-boho, gypsy-bohemian and western boho to name just a few, but there are classic elements that tend to remain consistent throughout each of these. These include;

  • Layers, layers and more layers.
  • Loose-fitting, flowy fabrics.
  • Bold prints such as; floral, tie dye and tribal.
  • Tassels and fringes
  • Naturel fabrics.
  • Bold statement jewellery and accessories. 

Bohemian fashion is often portrayed as a spring and summer only style of dress but don’t be fooled. With the use of layering, this unconventional design can be worn all year round.


How To Wear It.

Whether you are looking to go full blown bohemian or just want to add a few pieces to your already mastered look, below is a list of tips to help you do just that.

1. The Fabrics

When choosing fabrics always opt for natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, and hemp, to name a few. Bohemian not only incorporates freedom but a love for the planet and others, so using synthetic fibres such as nylon or spandex should be avoided when possible.

Crotchet and macrame make great key pieces (even better if you know how to make them yourself!) and denim and lace also feature in this style…not forgetting my favourite…fringe. Think fringe bags or even fringe waistcoats. I always love a fringe bag for myself and it elevates any outfit. 

2. Colours

The world really is your oyster when it comes to colours. If you prefer your clothing to be more earthy, then choose neutral colours but if you love bright and bold, then go wild! There are some fantastic bold and bright prints available. 

3. Tops

My favourite thing about the bohemian look is that it suits any shape or size. If your feeling a little self conscious about your tummy area (and you really have no reason too, your beautiful!) then opt for flowing, floaty tops. Batwing tops are a favourite of mine as are off the shoulder jumpers, as these draw the eye towards your stunning shoulders and neck line. 

If your feeling a little more confident then crotchet and macrame tops make great pieces and if you are a little self conscious about your arm area then chunky knit cardigans and kimonos work great. Remember, this style is all about layering. 

Vintage tee’s are another great item and pay homage to the 70’s era. I personally love a good white t-shirt as these can be paired with just about anything. Wear with your favourite flared jeans or over a maxi dress and tie under the bust for a gorgeous silhouette. (Shameless plug incoming!). We offer a range of gorgeous t-shirts so feel free to check these out!

4. The Bottoms

Long flowing skirts are a must have for this style but if you’re not a skirt kinda girl, then loose trousers, flared jeans or denim shorts also work really well. Pair with chunky cowboy boots or opt for some flat sandals. Chunky cowboy boots are a personal fave as they can transition from winter into summer. 

5. Dresses

Long flowing maxi dresses always express a key bohemian moment, as do tiered dresses and dresses with lots of ruffles and lace. If you’re a little self-conscious of the waist area then a wrap dress, layered with the right amount of accessories can work too. For those of you who prefer to show off more of their shape then my favourite combo is a plain bodycon maxi dress paired with a bold print kimono. 

Overalls or dungarees (yes I’m aware they’re not dresses) have recently become very popular again for this style. They also look great over a white t-shirt. (Did you seem my second shameless plug there?).

6. Accessorises/Jewellery

The key to this style is to go wild with your accessorises, layer your jewellery and just be your awesome creative self. Chunky jewellery is a must but you can also incorporate into your style; bags, wide-brim hats, fabric headbands and hair ties. 

7. Prints

Prints are an important part of the bohemian wave so when choosing your garments, don’t forget to include floral prints, tie dye patterns and nature inspired tribal prints. Go BOLD. 

Boho really is my absolute favourite way to dress as it gives you a sense of freedom and creativity that I don’t really feel you can achieve with any other style. 

Are you a fan and what’s your favourite element of the bohemian style?

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Much Love




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