The Positivity Collection

The Positivity Collection

Are you in need of a little pick me up? A little reminder of how incredible you are? Then I am proud to announce that our New Positivity Collection launches this week! Read on to find out more...

Why I created this collection...

Having suffered with poor mental health myself, I know how oppressing and difficult it can be to climb yourself out of that dark hole. 

I also love the thought of spreading a little cheer around and being able to make at least one person smile!

The Designs

There are three design for this collection and each one is available as an acrylic keyring or a t-shirt. Our keyring's include an acrylic charm while the ring is made of premium metal alloy and finished with silver-toned nickel metal. 

Our unisex cotton t-shirts are soft and light (even after the first wash) and include a small amount of stretch. These are available in a number of colours including; white, silver and soft cream.  

Design One - Nourish Your Mind

For my first design I wanted to portray freedom from anxiety. I can have some pretty high anxiety days but I know that nourishing my mind with fresh air, a little pampering or even a good book always helps.

Therefore this design is of a mind. Half the mind is covered with flowers and foliage and surrounded with the words 'Nourish Your Mind - Your Mental Health Matters. 

Design Two - Focus On The Good

My second design is a reminder, that in your darkest days, try and focus on the good. 

For this I drew a light blue and cream camera and surrounded it with flowers and foliage with the words, 'Focus On The Good'. 

I love this design because it includes a great little pun (camera...focus...get it?).

Design Three - Great Things Take Time To Grow

There have been times when I'm not where I want to be in life, emotionally and physically. Therefore I created this design as a reminder that awesomeness just takes a little time. 

Front and centre of this design are the words 'Great Things Take Time To Grow' and from them, wild flowers and foliage are sprouting in all directions... and if you look closely you may also see a small butterfly, signifying the route of growth and change. 

Flowers and foliage feature heavily in this collection and I've tried to make them look as wild as possible in all three designs. My aim was to mix positive vibes with a wild and free bohemian look. 

I personally love all three but let me know what you think!

Don't forget to like, share and comment. Your input means a lot!

Collection Launching 8th March 2024.

Much Love


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