Product Spotlight - The Southern Peach Wristlet Bracelet

Product Spotlight - The Southern Peach Wristlet Bracelet

If you’ve never heard of a wristlet bracelet, then you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s article, I will be going through what a wristlet is and giving you the full deets on our Southern Peach Wristlet Bracelet.
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What is a wristlet bracelet?

If you HAVE heard of a wristlet, then you will know that this is a small clutch bag or coin purse with a small strap that loops over your wrist. They are very handy when going out, out!

A wristlet bracelet (sometimes known as a keychain wristlet) is a bracelet with a keychain attached for you to clip your keys or a small coin purse to (or anything else your likely to loose). These cute little bracelets are handy for gigs, festivals, the races, or any kind of night out where you don’t want to carry a big bag. They are especially handy for people like me, who loose their keys every five minutes.

Wristlet bracelets come in a few different forms, the most popular being chunky chains, leather straps and (my personal favourite) silicone beads.

The Southern Peach Wristlet

This takes us to this weeks spotlight product, The Southern Peach Wristlet. This gorgeous bracelet has been handmade in house and features a rose gold keyring and a beautiful blush silicone poppy.

Southern Peach Wristlet Bracelet

One half of the bracelet has been delicately made using peach beads, while the other half has been made using simple and chic, leopard print beads.

All beads used are silicone and 100% food grade and non toxic. They are also BPA, lead, phthalate and cadmium free.

Leopard Print Silicone Beads

Splitting up these two bead designs are two rose gold Rhine stone spacers.

Southern Peach Wristlet Spacers

The Southern Peach Wristlet is a chunky piece, made with 19mm beads and  a strong non-stretch cord. This means they smoothly roll onto the wrist rather than clipping on. 

I personally own one of these wristlets (I just couldn’t resist keeping one back for myself) and they are very strong. I have yet to catch it or break it.

Southern Peach Wristlet Bracelet

If you have purchased one yourself then I would love to hear your reviews. If not but you would like to find out more, then please click here.

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