Product In The Spotlight - Positivity T-Shirts

Product In The Spotlight - Positivity T-Shirts

Last month we launched our Positivity Collection. This launch included some of my favourite designs that we've created in-house so far. Here is a sneak peak as to why we love them so much!

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The Designs
Each design has been made with the aim to uplift and empower you. Starting with the first design…”Nourish Your Mind, Your Mental Health Matters''. This important message arches around a beautiful mind, half covered in a gorgeous array of flowers and foliage.

Our second design is of a light blue and cream camera, surrounded by flowers and foliage with the words underneath reading, “Focus On The Good”. 

Lastly, our third design focus’s on the words “Great Things Take Time To Grow” and has been surrounded by wild flowers.

We wanted all three designs to uplift and inspire while incorporating a wild child, bohemian them.

The T-Shirts
These t-shirts are and soft and light with a small amount of stretch. They are super comfy and make great additions to your wardrobe. Use them to jazz up a boring outfit, use as a cover up at the gym or even wear to bed. 

And the favourite part?? They are all made to order…No WASTE!

All t-shirts come in S / M / L / XL / XXL and in a huge array of colours.

If you love these designs as much as we do then check out last months post 'Product In The Spotlight - The Positivity Keyrings', as we've turned the same designs into keyrings!

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