Everyday Bohemian Makeup Tutorial

Everyday Bohemian Makeup Tutorial

This is a really easy makeup tutorial for when you need a low-key bohemian look.

Items I will be using for this look are;

  • Revolution Eyeshadow Palette (Chilled)
  • Maybelline Tattoo Liner in Polished White
  • Maybelline Sky High Mascara in Cosmic Black
  • L’Oreal Colour Rich Lip Liner in Beige A Nu
  • Maybelline Lifter Gloss in Amber


    The Look…

    1. Starting with the Revolution Eyeshadow Palette and the shade ‘Relax’, sweep this over the lower lids.

         2. The next shade to use is ‘Cool’. Blend this in the outta corner of the lower eyelids and just above the crease. Blend inward with a blending blush.

         3. The last shade we are using for this look is ‘Exhale’, blend this colour onto the middle of your lower eyelids and the inner corner of your eyes.

        4. Next I used the Maybelline Tatto Liner in Polished White. I love white eyeliner and tend to only use this on my lower waterline, this helps to give the illusion of wider doe eyes.

         5. I then finished this eye look with the Maybelline Sky High Mascara in Cosmic Black. I have very short, stubby eyelashes and this is one of the best mascara I have found so far.

         6. Now onto the lips! I started by lining them with L’Oreal Colour Rich Lip Liner in Beige A Nu. Now if you’ve never used lip liner then today is definitely the time to start. A lip liner will give the illusion of thicker and fuller lips.

         7. I then finished this whole look off with Maybelline’s Lifter Gloss in Amber.

    And that is the finished look. I love these colours and they look gorgeous together.

    Much Love


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